AIDS Is Not a Real Infectious Disease

The AIDS epidemic is the result of lifestyle patterns, particularly the use of recreational drugs, and that AZT, a chemotherapy widely used in AIDS treatment, can actually cause AIDS. This book demonstrates that AIDS is not infectious in any way, shape, or form, and that the AIDS research establishment has been poleaxed by all the federal billions being, ahem, invested in AIDS research. […]
AIDS is basically the result of a gradual toxic buildup resulting from drug use. The drug explosion began in our culture in the sixties, and AIDS began appearing some years later. Duesberg shows that such drug use is rampant in the homosexual subculture. In the same way a cigarette smoker will not get lung cancer after his first month of smoking, so it is with hard drugs. For the systematic users of hard drugs, the effect over time includes the suppression of the immune system. The patient is then assaulted by opportunistic diseases.

Source: CREDENDAagenda, Volume 8, Issue 4, “Inventing the AIDS Virus“,

Editorial Note:
Doug confirmed that he still broadly holds these views of AIDS in 2014, in a comment on his blog, stating, “I haven’t changed my mind on the basic issues. So yes, you can cite anything I have written as representative of my views.“ He more recently confirmed them in 2018, in a blog post stating, “Tim, I have not yet been persuaded that Duesberg was wrong.“