“Blasphemy” Should Be Illegal

The second point for us to consider is the fact that Scripture repeatedly condemns kings and emperors and ecclesiastical officials for their genuine blasphemies. This is something that the powerful are routinely tempted to do. […] So the great offenders when it comes to this sin would be the sleek, the rich, the powerful. […] I could go downtown in any American city on any given day, and get arrested within fifteen minutes simply and solely on the basis of the content of what I was saying. It would not be called a blasphemy arrest, but that is exactly what it would be. The charge would be hate speech, or something like that—but the fact remains that the god of the system would be protected by the arm of the law. […] So when someone says that they want our nation to be a Christian nation, as I have done, does this not mean that we have to figure out a way to incorporate the Scripture’s teaching on blasphemy? Yes, it does mean that.
Having the Jim Jams over Blasphemy Laws” – October 23, 2023