Doug has No Regrets about Marrying an NSA Student to a Convicted Fixated Pedophile

Not only did I conduct that wedding, but I would do it again tomorrow.

Doug Wilson. Video Interview. March 25, 2022.

Doug’s reference to “that wedding“ is the marriage ceremony Doug conducted between convicted, fixated pedophile Steven Sitler and a then-student at New Saint Andrew’s College.

While Sitler was a student of NSA and member of Christ Church, he admitted to, and was convicted of molesting multiple children as young as two years old. He was sentenced to life in prison in 2006, but released on probation after serving less than a year of his sentence.

Sitler continued to live in Moscow, and attend Christ Church after his release.

Several years later, a young NSA student was instroduced to Sitler as an possible romantic match, by an elder in Christ Church. Doug Wilson conducted their marriage ceremony in 2011.

The couple had a child, and in 2015, Sitler admitted in a polygraph test to being sexually stimulated by contact with his infant son, and has been alternately separated from and only allowed contact with his children under the supervision of a state-approved chaperone.

Despite this, Doug has consistantly mantained that he had no authority to refrain from presiding over the wedding of a convicted serial pedophile, and a student attending the college he founded, and would “do it again tomorrow“ knowing that wedding would result in children being born to, and raised by a father who is a convicted fixated peophile.