It’s Important for Christians to Defend Slavery

On another occasion, a Christian man was handing out tracts at a gay and lesbian dance. Those attending the dance did not appear to be pleased with this, and someone apparently called a liberal Methodist pastor to come and deal with him. The minister came down, and in the course of the discussion, the Christian man said that Leviticus condemns homosexuality as an abomination. The liberal pastor responded by saying, “Yes, but the Old Testament allowed for slavery.“ The Christian responded by saying, “Yes, it certainly did. So what’s your point?“

If those who hate the Word of God can succeed in getting Christians to be embarrassed by any portion of the Word of God, then that portion will continually be employed as a battering ram against the godly principles that are currently under attack. In our day, three of the principal issues are abortion, feminism, and sodomy. If we respond to the “embarrassing parts“ of Scripture by saying, “That was then, this is now,“ we will quickly discover that unembarrassed progressives can play that game even more effectively than embarrassed conservatives can.4 Paul prohibited eldership to women? That was then, this is now. Moses condemned sodomy? That was then, this is now.Douglas Wilson. Black & Tan. (P.46-47)