It’s Important that White Pastors Do Not Apologize for Being White

So while numerous pastors and elders were busy trying to find some parishioner of color, so that they might grovel and apologize to that hapless person for their insufferable whiteness, thus giving the watching world a major exhibit of their insufferable whiteness, at that very same moment the aspiring techno-lords of the earth were running around our new cyber-dungeons, clanging all the doors shut, and trying to make as big a racket while doing it as they could.


While there is not a one-to-one correlation, and we do rejoice over the exceptions, woke churches and the cowed, battened down churches have a great deal of overlap. The more likely a pastor is to apologize for being white, the more likely it is that he will do so while wearing his mask of docile compliance. You know, he needed something to hide the whiteness.

On Wuh Supremecy. November 29, 2021