Many Women Take Antidepressants Because They Believe in Darwinian Evolution

Our nation has been more greatly blessed than any other nation in the history of the world, and this helps to explain why we consume such a gargantuan amount of antidepressants.

Now before you dismiss that as some kind of November snark line, allow me to repeat the point. Almost one in five American women are pill-coping. And the reason we are so wretched and miserable on the eve of yet another Thanksgiving is that we have more to be grateful for than just about anybody, and have flatly refused to render thanks to the Father of the Lord Jesus for all our blessings, which makes us the biggest ingrates ever.


Darwinism achieved its one and only real accomplishment. The theory made it unnecessary to acknowledge the majesty of God, or to render thanks to Him. Why are we no longer singing harvest home hymns as we bring in the sheaves? Well, science and smart guys at the university have put their imprimatur on our ingratitude. […] We need to repent of our solemn acceptance of Darwinian absurdities.

Making America Ingrate Again, November 23, 2021