Secular Education is Inherently Religious

Education is a religious endeavor for every student. “Make that godless, and his life is made godless.“ In the nineteenth century, secular education was established because many Christians were fatally persuaded of the myth of neutrality. They were told that there were many areas of life that could be studied apart from any reference to the authority of Scripture. They accepted the pluralistic nature of American public life, not as a social reality requiring intensive missionary activity, but rather as an authoritative voice, requiring every practitioner of every religion to submit and fit in.

And this is why even today we hear “pluralism“ as a code word requiring Christians to shut up. Of course, we are a pluralistic country. And ancient Rome was a pluralistic empire, but Jesus still told His disciples to preach the Gospel there.

Properly understood, pluralism is simply another name for polytheism.

Douglas Wilson. The Case for Classical Christian Education. P.35