Mothers Who Insist on Competing in the Workforce are Destined for Failure

Because one of the male strengths is simple-mindedness, men tend to evaluate all things according to the sort of criterion (fixed in their minds sometime in junior high) best illustrated by arm-wrestling contests or a footrace. Life is simple—stronger and faster is better. And because life is also a contest, everyone is measured by whether or not he or she is “winning“ it. Unfortunately, more than a few foolish women have been sucked into this mindset. And ironically, we call this attempt by some women to be more like men “feminism,“ which is more than a little bit like calling an attempt by cats to be like dogs felinism. […] The modern feminist whines that we should all come to respect her distinctives after her decades-long attempts to obliterate them, her repeated attempts to compete with men on their own terms, as well as her losing badly in many such attempts. One response could be that we will respect her distinctives when she does. We will bow when she learns to curtsey. […] But such an attitude is appropriate only for those women who have abandoned home-orientation in exchange for that great modern privilege of dumping the kids off at day care. Federal Husband (p. 33).